By Duane The Great Writer

  • “What have You Learned Here and What are You Sharing? So far, You have Learned about This OneDimensional World of mainly getting a 'degree' in an indoctrinating institution to do Business along with Everyone Else that is usually Ruining The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US. This is an 'ongoing' process with most unaware people Here. So much is 'justified' and taken for granted and the end result is What Everything Actually IS Now! Everyone can Make Bettter Choices when they have a RealEducation with RealGuidance that Realistically Applies to Cause&Effect Creation and What ALLLife ActuallyIS that 'IS' Beyond what has been known as Creation. If unaware people keep doing what they have always done according to the 'indoctrinating' Systems of Kontrol they Agree to, then as is Now, everything will continue to Get Worse&Worse until...YES...YOU GUESSED IT... GONE! Who Really has The RealCourage to WakeUP ALL The Way into What They have Never Known that 'IS' So Much Bettter than just Struggling&Suffering Here? Wouldn't it Be Nice if You could Make Bettter Choices that Make Sense with ALLLife, and moreso than just Your Personal Restricting Life Here? Guess What... YOU CAN!!! But, You have to Learn to Pay Attention to More than just YourMind & Personal 'ideas' that You have always created according to what YOU Want Only! Are You Willing to Do This to BE BETTTER than You are Now? ALLLife is NOT about religion or spiritual things or politics or hierarchies or gods and saviors... ALLLIFEIS ALLL About ITSELF and What IT IS! Creation is a 'simulator' to an Eventual RealLife that 'IS' So Much More than just being 'happy& satisfied' Here, and then possibly going to some kind of Designated Biblical Heaven that has also been created by the very same WorldKontrollers that Abuse Everyone Here! OH YES...They created The Heavens of Man also! You and Almost Everyone Here Keeps Deciding to ReCycle Over&Over Again with the same old 'attitudes' of hopes&beliefs, wants&desires, likes&dislikes, highs&lows, happy&sad, and so on. Can there be More than This? ThereIS a LotMore that You Cannot Seee yet, but You Can Learn&Share Something Real... and WEE~Wonderful Environment Educators will Show You when You Take The Risk to Become MoreAware & SelfSufficient! ~~~ WakeUP with REBISAR & The ReALLL UNUversal Guides who can Show YOU&YU, The RealU, Your RealAwarenisss, how to Freee YourSelf from Everything Restricting You and then You Can Learn to SeeeMorrre with US! TAKE THE RISK TO SEEE! SING 'NU~U~U~U' & ASK REBISAR & PALL & DUANEVA & The ReALLL UNUversal Guides on The RealSide LifeIS and Learn to SeeeThru This SurfaceWorld of 'this&that's' that appear to be something...YOUR CHOICE! Ask USA~Valdis Vitols (Dean Val~NUUU) & UK~Kevin Smith (Dean Kevin~NUUU) on Facebook to Join a NUSkype Group. StepUP & Become MoreAware & DU Something ReALLL with US! WE E'DU'CATORS~Wonderful Environment E'DU'cators 'IS' REALLL! Listen to ~ 'THE VISITOR RETURNS' ~ www.BlogTalkRadio.comon Wednesdays 9PM Pacific Time USA. For More Warnings: Seee the Movie 'KNOWING' with Nicolas Cage! (Produced by Reptilian ShapeShifters who are Burning This World & Laser Blasting the SUN!)

    Duane The Great Writer is making HimSelf Available for Those who want to KnowMorrre & SeeeMorrre & BeeeMorrre than just having another ‘ordinary’ unaware life on This Purposely Poisoned Planet! Create Your NU’Seee’sion with Duane The Great Writer and D’IS’cusss any topic You Like! Here IS Some Examples to D’IS’cusss… Personal, Financial, Relationships, Dreams, Government, 5G, GMO, ChemTrails, Vaccines, HAARP, Military, Secret Service, Spying, Subliminal TapLining, Conspiracy, Angels, Gods, Fairys, Ghosts, Aliens, Reptilians, Religious, Spiritual, Governments, Monarchy, and anything that pertains to what You are Experiencing in This CreationBubble. And Also… The ReALLL UNUversisss of RealFreeedom! Learn to Get Your Own Answers! NU’SEEE’SIONS Start at: 30 Minutes @ $1 (One US Dollar into PayPal) a Minute and can be as much time as needed. (and Yes, the way DUANU Writes His NUWords Refers to Something Morrre than what is known Here, and this is where You Decide to Recogn’IS’e What IS ReALLL Now with ALLLife or continue on as You have with just another PersonalLife in an Aging BodyForm). Contact: KEVIN SMITH UK & DEAN VAL on Facebook&YouTube.

    An Official NuPresentation Club is now available, the NuAwarenISSS Club. Membership to which is 1 dollar per month through paypal. Click on the NuAwarenISSS WebSite link at the top of the page, and from there navigate to the forum site.


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